Failure (as) Success – Series

10 Jul


Science (as) Culture – Reblog

11 Apr

Uri Alon once mentioned: „We have to change the culture of science to do better research“ (TED Talk 2013)

Not only Uri Alon talks about this phenomena, but also PROFESSORINPINK gives us a whole bunch of great ideas on changing the way, we feel about – what we do (in science) …

Don`t feel bad – feel good instead !!

Feeling good about yourself and enjoying Student Life


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Improve your study skills: Work smart, not extra! Whether you struggle with reading, memorizing, concentration, or comprehension, figure out a way to improve your study and work skills to bring greater productivity. Also, if you haven’t already done so.. stop procrastinating! It only hurts you and contributes to stress and anxiety.

Enjoy life: You are in your glory years of life! Sleeping in past 9 am, going to the gym in the middle of the day, going out late at night and not feeling tired – savor those moments, as they will not be easy to come by post graduation.

Get involved in university clubs: There’s a club for every interest! Volunteering clubs, dance clubs, academic clubs, cooking clubs. Not only does it look good on your CV and give you something to talk about at interviews, you will also meet great, like-minded people with similar interests as yourself.

Map out the year: Make a plan! What are the accomplishments you want to reach by the end of each month? And if possible, week … You will probably fall behind if you’re doing research, but don’t fret! The purpose of the plan is to keep you headed in the right direction –  if you don`t have a plan, how do you know where to go?

Speak to your committee often: Feedback is priceless and critical to graduation! Depending on how many students your advisor has, they may want to meet with you weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Don’t forget about the rest of your committee members – don´t go for any surprises during your proposal and defense …

Prepare for your career: Update! Your CV, your knowledge on the job market, your network – of the right people. Attend conferences, ask your colleagues, or professors to put you in touch with who they know.

Make time for friends: If you’re seriously strapped for time, plan productive activities with your friends such as library study dates, workouts (they are better with a friend, anyway!) or even weekend sleepovers.

Text Source – adapted by Intellectualsinprivate


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Thanks 1973 for help & inspiration!

Value of Confidence

21 Dez

Interesting input on „Speaking with Confidence“:

Interesting and inspiring because it unveils secrets from the voice coach world. Thanks to Caroline Goyder for sharing her secrets:

Music Input

18 Dez

Good Vibes Only!

Some More Thought

14 Dez

Nur weil alles geht, ist nicht alles möglich.

– Kaya von Gerr –

Thursday Thought

7 Dez

Gescheitert ist nicht der, der fällt.

Gescheitert ist der, der nicht den Mut hatte,

es überhaupt zu probieren.

– Kaya von Gerr –